Case Study – Manufacturing Industry


The client is a privately held manufacturing company providing custom fiber optic and copper cable assemblies to distributors throughout the country. The owner is handling three jobs – President, Operations Management and Quality Control Oversight. The owner’s expertise is sales – which she has no time left to focus on, and no sales team to drive new accounts.


In early January the Controller reached out to me to find out how we work to help find the right people for the company and our costs. Controller discussed Search Options with the owner, but decided to hold off engaging at that time. The company tried to recruit and source candidates on their own to avoid search fees but that did not work. The result – the owner’s time was stretched too thin to perform the leadership the company needs and instead was heavily involved in working “in the business vs. on the business.” Patience was short, employee challenges were not dealt with in a normal fashion, and turnover became an issue – the business suffered.


In early May – the owner’s attorney recommended she work with Level-C Solutions to find the right managers to help the company run more effectively. We met with the owner, defined the roles and personalities needed to fill the positions effectively. Level-C’s team initiated a contingency search effort, and in six weeks managers with industry experience were hired and to date things are running better.


The owner is happier and is starting to get some time back to focus on the growth and development of her business again.



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