Our focus is on the People Part of your business, and bring over 30 years of experience in and around the staffing industry to the table. We serve those business owners and company leaders who have P&L responsibility. The ones who have the accountability to make their revenue and profit projections while building operations that work right to make sure their clients are taken care of in the manner desired.

According to surveys with corporate executives, today’s personnel costs are approximately 75% of all business expenses.

Therefore, controlling these costs has become a key strategy to improving bottom-line profits.

It is often difficult to fix your business when your focus is working “in” the business vs. “on” the business. Sometimes someone from the outside can more easily identify and diagnose the people issues holding your business back – especially when they’re C-level experts who know what to look for and have a business owner’s mindset.

That’s where we come in.

Level-C Solutions focuses on the people part of your business. We know how to design and implement third-party recruiting and staffing programs to help find you the right people to meet your business needs and fit within the culture of your company.



Are staffing and personnel costs eating your business alive?

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