Level-C / Signature Solutions

A Combination of Special Services Designed to Support Recruiting and Staffing Firms

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Helping owners of recruiting and staffing firms who are clients of Level-C Solutions grow from startups to $25 million in revenue.

Special Services of working with Level-C Solutions in tandem with Signature Back Office include the following ways to help you with the strategic growth and profitability of your firm:

  • Strategic Planning Sessions (Semi-Annually – two ½ day sessions at no charge)
  • New Business Development Programs – Coaching and Consulting
  • Leadership & Management Training Programs
  • Client Satisfaction Surveys & Analysis
  • Trouble Shooting to Improve Operations and Service Delivery
  • Facilitation of Leadership Retreats and Management Meetings
  • Profit Improvement via Margin Finders

Signature Back Office / EOR Solutions is an Inc. 5000 winner which handles all of the compliance and fundamentals required of providing staffing services to clients in all 50 states of the USA. Signature’s services include – unlimited payroll funding, payroll administration, billing and collections on your behalf, and Signature takes full liability and responsibility for candidates placed on assignment by our clients as the employer of record in the eyes of the IRS for handling risk management of workers comp claims, unemployment claims, and liability insurance coverage for candidates on assignment. Signature is one of the most trusted firms in the country to support your growth.

Brad Stevens, the founder of Level-C Solutions, has been working with and representing Signature on a fractional basis for over 10 years. In the past few years he has started co-branding and combining his experience and expertise with Signature to provide a more robust support of its larger clients to help owners of recruiting and staffing firms that are dealing with different problems than when they were starting up their company.

Having built his original firm (Staffing Services, Inc.) from the kitchen table to one of the Top 25 services in DFW with 500 employees on assignment at its peak – he has learned many of the ups and downs of the staffing business firsthand. His focus with Level-C is to help owners with the strategic growth of their business to avoid many of the problems he encountered and potentially maximize the results of their total investment of time and money.

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