Our Services

We help businesses solve people problems.

We have done all the leg work so you don’t have to. With over 30 years of staffing, business ownership, and c-level expertise, we will match you with one of our vetted specialized affiliate partners based on the needs of your business. You’ve got to Chat With Brad!

Our core services include:

Direct Hire / Search Services

Completely out of the blue, your top employee comes into your office and hands in their two weeks notice. Now what? Call us. We take care of all aspects of direct hires and searches.

Interim or Interim to Hire Management

If you are in the middle of a search and it looks like it’s going to take an extended amount of time to hire, there are enormous advantages to having an interim option as a person who works everyday to fill that position on an interim basis. It’s a part-time way to fill a gap until the full-time need is met.

Fractional Leadership Talent

Does your business need senior leadership talent on a full time or part time basis? Have you put off hiring that CIO because it impacts your bottom line too much? Fractional leadership may be for you because you get a part time CIO without the fulltime cost.

Project Work

Every hero needs a sidekick, and our heroes are business owners and leaders with profit and loss responsibility. Our sidekicks help the hero achieve more than they can on their own. That’s what we do. We provide the following utilities for your business: digital marketing implementation and strategy, organizing, creating and implementing operational processes and systems, managing special projects, someone to bounce ideas off of, accountability partner and administrative support. Let’s chat about what gaps we can fill to take your organization to the next level. Even a superhero needs help sometimes. Praebent is a division of Level C Solutions.

Strategic Service Solutions

Are there gaps to your organization that are keeping your business in a rut? We provide business transformation through marketing, administrative support, technology and talent. Let’s chat about how we can take your organization to the next level.

Executive Coaching

Have a new C-Level or Director? Our Executive Coaches helps them get onboarded to the company and their employees so they move much more quickly through the acclimation stage to the contributor stage. They also help improve High Potentials’ leadership and management skills so they can perform at the next level.

SME Consulting

You are going through some key changes in your business (i.e. growing quickly, opening a new division, restructuring the company, etc.) and you need some Subject Matter Expertise to help guide your team in the right direction.  Bring in our SME consultant(s) to help get your company where you want it to be going forward. We have a wide range of SME consultants – from IT to Human Resources to Manufacturing to Staffing Industry to Finance & Accounting and many more that can be of help to you. Schedule some time with Brad and we’ll get it figured out with you.