Our Services

We help businesses solve people problems.

We have done all the leg work so you don’t have to. With over 30 years of staffing, business ownership, and c-level expertise, we will match you with one of our vetted specialized affiliate partners based on the needs of your business. You’ve got to Chat With Brad!

Our core services include:

Solutions Architect

Brad and the team at Level-C Solutions solves complex business issues quickly and thoughtfully with owners, outlining key architecture components of the business. Looking at your business from your side of the table and acting in an owner’s advocate manner, we identify hidden layers of business issues that are often unknown or unexpected to the owner. By understanding all critical elements of the business, we will design and implement a solutions strategy that best fits your company.

Learn more about our Owner’s Advocate approach

Direct Hire / Search Services

Having trouble filling a key position critical to your company’s success? We work with and represent multiple executive search firms and independent recruiters to help clients fill those “hard-to-fill” openings. Call us and we will go to work for you.

Interim or Interim to Hire Management

If you are in the middle of a search and it looks like it’s going to take an extended amount of time to hire, there are enormous advantages to having an interim option as a person who works everyday to fill that position on an interim basis. It’s a part-time way to fill a gap until the full-time need is met.

Fractional Leadership Talent

Have you thought about engaging the leadership your company needs on a Fractional basis vs. hiring a full-time employee? It might be a cost-effective option to consider – especially for the CIO, CFO or Sales Management you need in today’s ever-changing market conditions. Let’s meet to discuss how this approach could be of benefit to you.

Profit & Improvement Consulting

Need to improve the profitability of your company? That is what happens when you work with the professionals at Marginfinders. This is a very unique Strategic Service Alliance we have added to our mix of services to help our clients going forward. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you find more margin dollars to your bottom-line.

Back Office Solutions

Signature Back Office Solutions is strategically designed to provide recruiting and staffing firms a complete outsourced Back Office/EOR Solution to support placements made for Interim Management, Contract Consulting or Temp-to-Hire positions. Signature’s comprehensive suite of services are structured to enable those firms that are driven on finding the right people for their clients to focus on what they do best – and let Signature do the rest. With decades of strategic partnership with Signature, we can provide the key guidance you need for back office / employer of record solutions.

Project Work

Every hero needs a sidekick, and our heroes are business owners and leaders with profit and loss responsibility. Our sidekicks help the hero achieve more than they can on their own. That’s what we do. We provide the following utilities for your business: digital marketing implementation and strategy, organizing, creating and implementing operational processes and systems, managing special projects, someone to bounce ideas off of, accountability partner and administrative support. Let’s chat about what gaps we can fill to take your organization to the next level. Even a superhero needs help sometimes. Praebent is a division of Level C Solutions.

Strategic Service Solutions

Are there gaps to your organization that are keeping your business in a rut? We provide business transformation through marketing, administrative support, technology and talent. Let’s chat about how we can take your organization to the next level.

SME Consulting

Special situations may demand that you bring in a Subject Matter Expert to help you decide how to best solve a given problem or take advantage of a unique opportunity. We have a wide range of SME consultants as part of our strategic approach to help get your company where you want to go. Schedule some time with Brad and we will get it figured out.

Executive Coaching

Professionals benefit from a personal coach to improve their skill and take their game to the next level. Have a new President, C-Level Executive or High-Potential player on your team who needs to take it to the next level? Our Executive Coaches help them improve their performance to support the company’s growth and lead their staff more effectively.

Proactive Scouting Search Services

Designed specifically to pro-actively scout for the talent you need to source going forward. Our third party staffing approach was pioneered by Brad 25 years ago, and is especially effective when the inclusion of an OnSite Manager to help support higher volume needs can improve the successful implementation on an ongoing basis. To learn more please schedule a time to discuss your situation with Brad.