Level-C Solutions operates with the singular mission of helping companies to grow by optimizing and improving performance from the inside-out. Level-C Solutions is designed to help business owners and those leaders with P&L responsibilities to find the right people for their staffing needs, and support their new business development efforts in a fractional management mode.


Brad StevensLevel-C Solutions was founded in 2009 by Brad Stevens. Brad is a thought leader executive with a track record of helping companies build top line sales revenues, design and implement cost-effective Third-Party Staffing Solutions, and improve their bottom line profits. His primary focus is on the people part of a client’s business, and believes… Good People are Hard to Find.

Brad takes a consultative approach in helping his clients with their people needs, and believes that quality must be built in at the design stage of any endeavor. In addition to Level-C Solutions, he is currently serving in a fractional business development / management mode with two other firms – Signature (Back Office/Employer Of Record Solutions), and Amazech Solutions (an IT Staffing and Applications Development firm).

Specialties include:
Strategic Planning, Third-Party Staffing Alternatives, Back Office / Employer of Record Solutions, Recruiting and Search Services Support, Marketing Strategies for New Business Development, Leadership & Management Coaching.



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