How Level-C Has Helped Our Clients

Direct Hire/Search Services

A Cybersecurity Firm, which has been focused on supporting high-end
government operations for 30 years, is opening a commercial division
going into 2021 and needed to find top sales producers with specific
experience in Cybersecurity for this new venture. Level-C Solutions
identified and placed the first candidate in less than 45 days to help
jumpstart this effort and the new division is starting to take off as

Project Work by Praebent Sidekicks

An HR consultant was in the middle of creating a virtual seminar designed to provide HR professionals different views on how the market is changing in their field. She was trying to do everything herself which included finding the speakers, gathering their background information, organizing the event, sending invitations out to thousands of HR professionals, and handling the registration and admittance to the virtual event. Level-C Solutions introduced our Praebent Sidekick Team as a support group to help make the whole process function in a more streamlined manner for the consultant. As a result, she was able to focus on the event, the speaker’s presentations, interviews, etc. in a way that relieved much of the stress of putting on an event of this magnitude more professionally and the outcome was a large success.

SME Consulting

An Executive Search Professional with 20 years of top-end success started up his own firm and wanted to move rapidly in opening-up several different lines of business (which is not unusual for new business owners). Brad works as a Strategic Advisor to help the owner focus on his areas of expertise vs. expanding before solidifying his core business. The foundations are in place and the business is successfully starting to grow and become profitable. ​

Interim Management

A long-standing non-profit organization was awarded a multi-million-dollar grant to build workforce development programs for the local market and needed to bring on several specialty consultants to help support and implement those efforts. The chief of staff of the non-profit did not want to upset the salary structure of their core employees and needed a way to handle the consultant’s compensation. Level-C Solutions proposed an outsourced method of paying the consultants through our strategic service alliance Signature Back Office/Employer of Record Solutions which solved the potential internal problems and helped support the needs of all concerned in a most cost-effective manner for the term of the grant.

Strategic Service Solutions

A consulting firm specializing in the health care industry for the last 10 years was in the process of creating a unique software program to automate their operations. After the IT person creating the program left them stranded half-way through the process of creating the application, the Level-C Team listened to their problem and presented a comprehensive solution to be delivered by one of our IT Strategic Service Alliances which specializes in application development. The client is delighted with the solution and performance of the IT application development team at Amazech Solutions and the software is performing as originally desired.

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