Making the Right Choice for Your Business’ Back-Office Support Needs

Most small and mid-sized businesses handle all of their back-office support needs internally because they are unaware or unfamiliar with the available outsourcing options. If you are considering outsourcing functions like back-office, payroll, billing, insurance coverages, employee benefits, and the like, you’ve likely encountered the dilemma of choosing between a PEO and an EOR solution. We consistently advise our clients on understanding the nuances of these options as they serve different purposes and suit varying business objectives.

Protecting Your Business Line of Credit

Marginfinders is a business consulting firm that focuses on helping businesses improve their profitability and operational efficiency by analyzing their financial and operational data to identify areas where profitability can be enhanced. While Marginfinders may not directly impact your creditworthiness, their services can quickly contribute to financial stability and the ability to manage credit and debt more effectively.

“The bank called my business line of credit, what do I do?”

If your bank threatens to call your line of credit, it’s essential to take the situation seriously and act promptly to address the issue. It doesn’t matter if you have been a customer for twenty years. A “call” on your line of credit means the bank is demanding repayment of the entire outstanding balance immediately. Here are some steps to consider taking in response to this situation: